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How it works

Get in touch using my e-mail address on the Contact Page, preferably giving an evening telephone number.


If its a personal subject - such as your own racing team then I'll need to discuss what you envisage. Please see Copyright tag for details on use of photos, with a special deal for NGRRC related material.


Best is to use photos taken by you or a friend on your behalf. The example shows how I extract and reposition my subjects.


For A3 and larger I'll send you a sketch to agree the rough design and a photo of the underpainting before I start to apply the oils. The deposit can be returned up to applying the oil paints. No obligation to buy other than the deposit for larger sizes.


You will get the finished piece signed and unframed. I can also supply mugs, and other items with your final image.


Remember photographs are great for memories but a painting captures your dreams.


My cropped photo that starts it all off

This is the underpainting stage

The finished piece

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