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All work shown on this site is Copyright Paul Bennell.


If you are commissioning a painting then I will need some reference photos to work from. As a sponsor of the North Gloucestershire Road Racing Club (NGRRC) I have received permission from Nigel at EDP Photo News for the following:


  • If you have previously purchased the subject photograph from EDP then permision is in place for me to paint you a copy for your own personal use. For wider exploitation please see advice from Nigel at EDP.

  • If you would like me to copy an EDP photo but haven't purchased it then I have permission to copy it again for your personal use. A single charge of £5 will be made for this, all of which goes to EDP Photo News.


If you have a non-copyright photo then I can paint from that or create a new scene using a mixture of sources.


If in doubt the onus is on you as buyer to check that your source is non-copyright.


I retain copyright of all work painted and supplied by me. Please contact me if you want to use the image commercially, due to potential complications around original photo copyright.


If you like my work and have already bought a piece I am happy for you to share it on your own social media site at no charge; a namecheck is always appreciated.





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